Rare Mini barn find

ERA Mini barn find

ERA Mini barn find

A rare Mini ERA Turbo has been listed on ebay.  Just 99 of these cars were built in UK spec, with a further 337 made for the Japanise market.

The E.R.A Mini Turbo was conceived as a 1980’s replacement for the Mini Cooper S. A car with all the key characteristics of the Cooper – speed, handling, excitement - but one which would introduce into the concept the refinement and comfort lacking in the original, but so necessary for modern motoring.

This one will need a lot of time and money spent on it, but it would appear the ERA parts are all there.

ERA Mini Turbo barn find

Visit the auction listing here or below the ebay ad is reproduced:

Mini ERA Turbo barn find

Genuine barn find ERA Turbo, this is one of the last UK ERA turbo's built unfortunately it suffered an alternator failure in 2001 and so was laid up in a garage pending repair which subsequently never happened, I recovered it purchased it a little while ago with a plan to restore it as I am an avid ERA fan having another myself. Currently we have 5 other Minis to restore so it is going to be some time till we get around to restoring this one.

It is complete all ERA specific parts are present as far as I can see including grill/badge which is not pictured. It is going to be a considerable amount of work to repair but with pristine ERA's for sale/sold recently in excess of £12500 there is huge scope here.

Engine was refurbished late 90's by MED and features a 1293 rebore and 4 pin diff, mileage is approximately 45,000 but will confirm update to the exact miles shortly.

I have decided to list it for sale as we have had unsolicited interest from across Europe and further a field and there is nothing worse than finding you didn't know something was for sale after the event.

I am not hiding the condition, it needs a large amount of work a chunk of panel replacement and lots of refurbishment, but it is all there, the unique parts for these cars are unobtainable but this one requires the standard mini components refurbishing with some re-trimming.

To be clear it is a barn find, non running not run since 2001 not moved since then lots and lots of surface rust and some further corrosion many components are ceased and everything will requires checking and/or refurbishing, NO WARRANTY is given due to condition sorry have to put this as we are trade sellers and motor dealers.

To answer the many many questions I have had in respect of this ERA

It was first registered on 24/09/1990 and is correctly registered as MAKE ERA the Chassis number is the correct SAXXL2S1T prefix denoting an ERA its engine number is the correct 12HD26 for ERA. it has 3 former keepers and the keeper on the logbook making 4 in total before me, though I have not put the vehicle in my name as a motor trader I do not need to.

I have the current logbook here bar the yellow slip to note its ownership by a motor trader and the previous old style logbook as well, so paperwork to enable export is available for it.

I have some old MOT's prior to its parking up in 2001 showing
12/5/95 17823
10/5/96 20124
15/9/97 31498
3/11/98 39352
24/10/00 47283

Nothing adverse is shown on the Logbook but I am advised a insurance claim was made and shows from 1994, I do not have any details of what that might relate to.

The reason for it Barn Status. The ERA was in regular use until a failing alternator took it off the road in 2001 this was not done at the time and due to business commitments the previous owner laid it up for a short while, which became a longer while, which became 9 years whilst it deteriorated. I recovered it less than a month ago.