Love it or hate it?

Possibly not to everybody's taste but this modified Daimler is for sale on eBay. The Daimler V8 was the luxury version of the Jaguar Mk II, but rather than a straight six it had a 2.5 litre V8.
This car retains its V8 and has been more visually modified, personally I like it. The body work is in steel and not fiberglass, so some real time and effort has been put into this project. The auction finishes soon, so hurry up and click here to view (and maybe bid) on it

eBay auction listing is reproduced below.

'Here we have a mk2 daimler v8 custom the picture tell you all about car to write about it would take to long i have owned it nearly 2 years bought of the chap who built it as a none runner it now runs drives and stops but rear brakes are off the car but are with it and the fronts all work it does have a few scratches and marks around it but no rust not even under neath it will be better to ask what you want to no or come and view you will not be disappointed this is a one off and the only one like it in the world the colour is ford apollo green and it was painted about 26 years ago but still looks good i was not going to sell this but i have just bought a 1950s truck and need room in the garage and it would be a shame to put this out side through the winter if you are interested then please ask or ring me on 01883624836 and i will tell you what ever you need to no this car has been in mags and i have copies of street machine to show  many thanks .

I would also add that the interior is leather and was all redone with new carpets and headling and the wood all redone and is still in exellent condition.

I have been asked a few questions so decided to put a brief description of the car. I have log book and paperwork for car log book shows one owner but is one former owner and have service book and letter from daimler saying car is ready for collection and its a 1968 so taxed free the engine has been bored out to 2600cc and lighterened and balanced with a fast road cam fitted and electronic igniction and a high stall converter on the gearbox . The steering is xj6 power steerin g so rack and not a box  with xj12 four pot calipers and vented discs and spax adjusterable shocks all round the axel is standard mk2 and have mk2 rear brakes for the rear.To get the car moted i think it would need the rear brakes fitting and then bleeding the hole lot and it has a indicator that has a bad connection as it works sometimes and my need a tyre on the o/s/f depends on mot man as it has got 75% tread the engine will need a service but only normal things plugs oil and filter and give carbs a clean out as it has been off the road for 16 years i would think thats about it but i am not a mot man this is what i think it needs before driving in for test hope this helps but if you need to no more please ask  THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT HAVE SENT EMAILS SAYING THEY REMEMBER  SEEING THE CAR IN STREET MACHINE IN 1986 AND HOW IT STILL LOOKS THE SAME AS THEN AND IN GOOD CONDITION .

Just to let people no that i am getting lots of emails asking to buy parts of the car and the offers for parts add up to more than i want so i may break this would be a SHAME so to ever one that have made offers for parts i will let you no if parts are for sale.'